Storm Coaches 2018-19

The Storm steering committee are pleased to announce our program coaches for 2018-19: 


U14 girls – Suzanne Beauchesne (head coach), Owen David (assistant coach)

U14 boys – Man-Lok Yeung (head coach), Derek Walker (assistant coach)

U15 girls – Rob Jakobsen (head coach), Dallas Vogels (assistant coach)

U15 boys – Marc Paris (head coach), Michael Brown (assistant coach)

U16 girls – Carl Neibel (head coach), Brad Nixon (assistant coach)

U16 boys – Paul Brockhurst (head coach), Chris Barasa (assistant coach)

U18 girls – David Reid (head coach), Anup Kang (assistant coach)

U18 boys – Bobbie Taylor (head coach), Rob Houtman (assistant coach)